The Scotia Est. 1792

The Scotia History

Stockwell Street, where The Scotia is situated, is one of the four original streets in Glasgow. In 1792 when the Scotia was established, the Clyde was a vibrant and thriving waterway and we were a popular port of call for many of the sailors going up and down the river. In those days 2.5 million people a year were using the penny ferries, many going to work at various places along the Clyde, some going as far downriver as Renfrew. The last ferry stage was close to The Scotia and it's a fair bet that then as now, we would have been a favourite watering hole for people on their way home after a hard days graft. We are close to the Tolbooth and the Gallowgate and it is not hard to imagine that the bar was once filled with a motley collection of sailors, prison visitors and maybe even folk going along for a public hanging or two.

In 1862, The Scotia Variety and Music Hall opened right next door and the bar would then have been thronged with theatergoers and performers. Perhaps this was where The Scotia's love affair with music began. In later years the theatre changed its name to The Metropole and became one of Glasgow's best loved variety theatres. Those theatergoers would feel right at home in The Scotia today because the interior of the pub has changed very little since the late 1920s. Perhaps some of them are still there to this day. Various paranormal groups have carried out investigations in the pub and all say it is fairly hoaching with spirits from every era. Some mediums have even claimed to hear faint applause from beside the fireplace. Look around and maybe you will be lucky enough to see the original owner's child running in and out of the door, or perhaps the Victorian lady will glide past you in her green velvet dress and plumed hat. But then again, maybe the only spirits you will see will be those up on the gantry.

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